Meet Beautiful Danger’s Prue Vanity Kane! The Portal Jumper!

Prue (Prudessa Vanity Kane) has the ability to shift her magic, she is amazing! She is colorful a sweet 14/15 yr old girl that is fun to be around! She is creative and adventurous! Each Pixie is  not just a Pixie, they have their own special unique magical powers.

Prue can tell the future as most of the cast members can, some can read minds, some can only tell the moment’s happenings. Prue can jump time and space and in between worlds.


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Beautiful Danger’s Villains: Welcome Shari O


Welcome To Our Mini Story Post!

Meet Brookes side kick Shari O.



Shari is from Amber and Prue’s tribe of Pixie girls.

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Shari hates her true form and finds it silly.


Shari leaves her clan to join Brooke with her quest for power in the vortex and causes destruction.



Shari takes a dip into the vortex with Brooke to update her magic, look and power.



Never make a deal with “Darkness of all that is” Without a price! 

Have you checked out our other Stories? Princess Tyler Marie

Welcome To Our Mini Story Post!



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Prince Ahmad the crook scared Tyler Marie as she was combing her hair and looking in the mirror.



Ahmad is demanding that Tyler Marie marry him so he can get control of her Kingdom and destroy Unity Land. He is blackmailing her to marry him or DESTRUCTION comes to the Kingdom.




What will Princess Tyler Marie do to save her Kingdom?