2 Time Emmy Winner Producing “Beautiful Danger” 3D Animated Feature Film


Doll Face Animated Films is happy to be working with Two Time Emmy Winner Nelson Recinos.

Nelson Recinos is a two-time Emmy Award-winning Animation Director. At Warner Brothers Animation he directed Pinky and the Brain, Batman, Animaniacs, and Baby Looney Tunes. He is an animation Producer/Director/Creator who has worked on many successful TV shows and films. He has worked on 2D traditional, CG computer and flash projects for companies such as: Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, 20th Century Fox, Starz, Scholastic Entertainment and other studios. He has been involved in the creative development, production, and post-production for television and film productions.

Doll Face Animated Film Productions! What’s with the Hair! Kimberly Jesika & Tyler Marie from “Beautiful Danger”



Kimberly Jesika Animated 3D Pixar Style Girl from the Animated Movie Film “Beautiful Danger” Her hair is from the Maya Animation System.

Tyler Marie From “Beautiful Danger” her hair is Geometry two different systems.

What is Maya you may ask?

Maya is an animation and modeling program used to create three-dimensional ( 3-D), full-motion effects. Maya incorporates the natural laws of physics to control the behavior of virtual objects in computer animation. Maya can produce videos that are more life-like than has been possible with less sophisticated programs. Versions are available for both IBM-compatible and Macintosh operating systems.

Until the development of Maya (and similar programs such as Fizt ), realistic rendering of certain natural effects, such as smoke blowing in a breeze, the rotation of clouds and dust in a tornado, or the sag and movement of clothing caused by gravity, was difficult or impossible to achieve. In addition to simulating the movements of objects and particles, Maya makes it possible to portray emotions in animated characters by enhancing facial expressions and the realism of body language. Some technical people at animation studios have begun taking courses in Maya. The program has been used in numerous movies, including Twister and Stuart Little . Definition 

Doll Face Animated Film Productions Breaks down the Animation Process for Everyday People wanting to Animate and become Stars!

Education and knowledge is key in understanding the steps you have to go though to build your own 3D Animated Project. It is important to know the amount of work and details that go into your project!

Today were going to talk about Rendering! What is Rendering?

Here Princess Jazzmarie is going through the Modeling Process (black and white) No skin color or hair color

Then she has gone through the Texture Process (skin color Hair) the first two vital steps in 3D Animation.


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Question: In Computer Animation, What is Rendering?
You may often hear reference to video rendering, render times, render speeds, etc. in the field of computer animation. But what exactly is rendering?
Answer: Rendering refers to the process of building output files from computer animations. When an animation renders, the animation program takes the various components, variables, and actions in an animated scene and builds the final viewable result. A render can be an individual image or a series of images (frames) saved individually or sequenced into video format.

Renders can often drastically differ from the animation environment, especially in 3D animation. Many things such as textures or particle effects are displayed only in basic form in the animation environment, but rendering details the full graphical effect.

In highly complex animations, rendering can take a great deal of time as the program processes each pixel in each frame. Some programs also have low-quality render settings that allow fast test renders to be sure that the animation, models, or effects are behaving according to expectations.

Sassy & Powerful Kimberly Jesika’s Character from Beautiful Danger “A 3D Animated Thriller”

Kimberly Jessy – A sweet, caring, fireball type chic. She is that friend that everyone wants to have around all the time. Kimberly is very street savvy, however she knows how to hang around the rich folk. She is confident and allows no one to define herself but her. She is dating a rich guy named Jason, which causes a lot of controversy because she is Black. Kimberly doesn’t allow others to stop her from living her rich, sassy, classy life. With her magical powers ready to take down Brooke’s crew and anyone else who needs a lesson taught, Kimberly Jessy is ready for anything.